ALL Payment options not working: error 1000, 1261, 1201

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I have come to a really weird situation and have no clue as to how to proceed. I wanted to upgrade my account from the Free tier to the Pro one. I filled out the billing information and added the payment option Paypal, which it all worked fine until I came to the purchase button where i tried paying for the Pro plan. That is where I got the internal server error 1000. I tired it several times then contacted cloudflare support and have been sending email for the past week without resolve. All their replies were to check the billing information and provided very little help. All the information that was inputed was checked probably 10 times and, several replies I got was to check the billing information. Which was correct, again.

Today I changed the billing information and tried to use a card for the payment and received two new errors. First one was 1261 and the second one was 1201.

I have no clue as to how to pay for this payment plan, but I got very little actual help from the support correspondence and have no clue as to how is it possible to pay for their plan.

Any help will be appreciated as I am completely lost on how to do a simple thing as paying on Cloudflare.

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It could be a browser issue. Try a different browser or using incognito mode.


Thank you for your reply. I tried Firefox and incognito mode in Firefox and I get the following error.

Zones controlled by a reseller are ineligible for self-serve subscriptions. (Code: 1261)

Ah, it sounds like it was set up by your web host. The easiest way around this would be to set up another account and add your domain there.

Thank you for the reply. You were correct, it was the hosting provider that offered the same service and was needed to be purchased through their account.

It was my hosting, through which Cloudflare was connected. If you purchase it through your hosting provider you receive the Cloudflare Pro version as well.

Hope this helps someone who is faced with the same issue. Check first if your hosting provider offeres a cloudflare premium service and order it through there.

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