All pages except home page not working after adding site to Cloudflare

Hi everyone,

I recently added my website to Cloudflare, and after doing so, I noticed that all of my website’s pages except for the home page are no longer accessible. When I try to access any other page, I receive a 404 error.

I’ve checked my website’s settings on Cloudflare, and I believe I’ve set everything up correctly. I’ve also tried clearing my browser’s cache, but that didn’t seem to help.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue before? Any advice on how I can troubleshoot this issue and get my website’s pages working again would be greatly appreciated.

We have seen 404 errors reported here before. It’s usually because the contents of the page is no present on the origin server.

Can you share the domain name here? example dot com is an ok way to share the name.

Thank you, Cloonan, for your response. I had been experiencing this issue with this kekesbreakfastcafes dot com and had been trying to resolve it continuously along with asking help from Cloudflare Community.
However, I eventually found a solution and fixed the problem. By unchecking the Rocket Roader option, all the pages on the website started working properly. I believe that was the issue and I have successfully resolved it.

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