All pages are redirecing an endless loop & timing out

This is something that needs to be fixed at the origin server. I know it’s not a redirect caused by the WordPress core, as it normally returns a X-Redirect-By: WordPress header, which isn’t happening. But it is in fact a redirect set at the origin, so it could be a directive in the .htaccess file, or a setting in your theme, or any redirection, security or caching/optimization plugin.

Check your plugins to see if they may have a configurable option to include or not the port number in the URL, and they sure need to have an option to include the path.

To mitigate this while you investigate your origin settings, and perhaps as a permanent solution, since a redirect done at the edge by Cloudflare is better for performance and security, you could add a Redirect Rule by going to the Cloudflare Dashboard > Rules > Redirect.

Example 2 here could be a start:

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