All our websites with proxy turned on, needs several refreshes to load

Hi. We are getting 520 error when we turn on proxy for few of the websites. The websites first gives 520 error. Then when we refresh the same page using f5 the website loads.

Now we have turned off the proxy for all the websites we were using and they all working fine.

We have rebooted the web servers and also restarted the services. Also just to let you know that we have our ssl certificates also loaded into our firewall for all the websites. But as you know that when we turn on the proxy in Cloudflare it uses its own ssl certificate. Everything was working fine till Friday 26, April.

Hi @mabaig,

Please check this documentation on troubleshooting 520 errors:

The most important clue to these errors may lie at your Origin server.
You might want to enable logging at your Origin to see why Cloudflare requests are not being handled correctly and returning 520s.

You can compare the Cloudflare requests to non Cloudflare requests to confirm the trouble.

Thank you.