All our domains suddenly stopped working

We’re on a free plan so I’m not sure if we can even post here…

At any rate, we haven’t had any issues before (in the past 2-3 years we’ve used Cloudflare) – but suddenly, we can’t access any of our 10-12 domains.

A couple of hours before the issues occurred today, there was an attack on one of our domains.

So we set that domain in ‘under attack’ mode.

But that didn’t change anything.

Besides, I don’t suppose an attack on one of our domains would knock out all of them. So, we frankly don’t know what to do right now. We talked to our host Godaddy, but everything looked okay on their end.

Everyone is welcome here :slight_smile:

What are some of the domains / urls that are broken, with what errors? It’s hard to say much without more information.


Hi Chaika,
Thank you very much for your reply! 10 seconds after posting here, we were suddenly able to connect again! So that’s awesome, whether or not that was just a coincidence (but thank you very much to anyone who might have been involved in fixing this!)!

As of right now, we’d rather not publish our domains, as it might make things worse, assuming this forum is indexed by Google (I hope that’s not too annoying). If the issue comes back, we’d be happy to share the domains in private messages if relevant…

But thanks again… :slight_smile:


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