All our Cloudflare hosted websites are down?

We have 3 websites that are done through Cloudflare, and are physically hosted with 2 different internet providers, but they’re all giving errors.

Any help would be much appreciated, as we’ve no idea what’s happening, but we can only assume it’s a Cloudflare problem, as the sites have only 1 common element, Cloudlfare.


The first domain loads but apparently with a generic page.

The others time out.

That is some issue on the server side and the domains are probably not properly configured there. You’d need to contact your host for that.


thanks for that. However, the 3 sites are hosted with 2 different providers, and there’s been no change in the config or setup of the sites. The only commonality is Cloudflare, all 3 went down yesterday, came back up yesterday afternoon, and went down again this morning.

With the only common element being Cloudflare, this is the first place to look at.


That might explain why one is reachable and two are not. Maybe they are blocking Cloudflare’s IPs. Can you share the origin addresses or would you prefer not to disclose them?

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