All of our sites is down. Hostgator tells me to contact you


We have got a huge issue now… All of our sites are down… we have the sites hosted on website. But now none is working. This is regarding:, etc… Can you help us with the issue please.

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Your site points to in Cloudflare’s DNS, but you have no DNS record for so Cloudflare has no idea where to route your traffic. You need an entry for which points ot hostgator.


When we contact Hostgator they say this to your answer:
Yes, I can see that. Please contact the Cloudflare for this issue.

Yes, then you need to have the CNAME records to be pointed to HostGator.

Is there an error on our account? It out of suddenly happened before I woke up today. All of our sites are down.

Whats going on?


You can look in your audit logs, but at 2018-06-08T11:23:23Z the record was deleted from the IP address That user also created 2 new DNS records at the same time.



Thanks for answering so quick. Yes, we did try to change it earlier today. Following Cloudflare guidelines. But as it didnt help, Trond changed it back.

Hostgator really uses all of their energy to blame you because of downtime for, etc. What is going on? … Can some of you help us. Our site been online for 9 years and now we experience issues that harms our service and work.

SO, please help us!

Michal Bergseth and Trond Grindvold


You still haven’t recreated a record for the root.

For you either need to point it to an IP address or a CNAME. What that should point to you should be able to get from hostgator. If it is an IP you need to create an A record like the screenshot below:


… sorry using the IP address of your host not the IP in the example. Cloudflare has no idea where to route the traffic because the previous record was deleted.

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