All of my subdomains redirect to a different domain

Please help me with this,
I create some subdomains on my site which is tealuxcafe .com like tampa.tealuxcafe .com and whitewater.tealuxcafe .com and they redirect to mainlinenails .com which is a domain that I own.

Can someone help?

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The names and do not resolve via public DNS. You might want to check your system’s hosts file, or your own internal resolvers if your run any.

How do I check for them?

I mean what files specifically and where they are located. Thanks!

It’s just one file, the hosts file, and where it is located depends on the operating system that you are running. The fact that you don’t know where to find it, greatly reduces the likelihood that you have created an entry in that file.

With hostnames that don’t resolve, you shouldn’t be getting redirected anywhere. You should be getting This site can’t be reached displayed in your web browser. Have you tried those hostnames in an incognito browser session?

Thank you for nothing. has been extraordinarily helpful throughout his tenure here in the Community. Not because he owes anybody anything or expects anything in return, but because he wants to make the Community and the Internet a better place by helping others.

I hope you’re not expecting anybody else to extend you the same courtesy after that response.

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Thank you for the kind words, @sdayman.

In rereading this thread, I am wondering if something was missed in translation in the first post.

I understood that request to mean that @nguyenermarketing was having trouble where those names were redirecting to another site. My replies were based on that being the trouble.

The frustrated response now has me wondering if the request was for assistance in creating a redirection. Replace “I create” with “I want to create” and it becomes an entirely different request?

Were you asking for help creating redircts, @nguyenermarketing?

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