All of my calls are failing with 503

I’ve been trying to develop a react-native application and get some images uploaded. Earlier I was able to get the uploadLink response but now when I try all of my calls are failing, then when I go to my cloudflare image dashboard my calls are still failing there to even show my my dashboard.

What’s going on? (Blocked out my account ID from the url).


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There is currently an active incident effecting images and other products: Cloudflare Status - Elevated 5xx HTTP Errors and Availability Issues
I would wait until that is resolved, and try again.


The incident has been marked as resolved, yet it is very much still activated.
Every API call is still returning 503s.


Same here via the GitHub Action upload workflow! I thought something was wrong with my setup since the status page shows no errors, but then the dashboard started showing HTTP 503s as well and realised it must be an issue on the Cloudflare end.

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Hi, there is an open incident on the status page related to Images product Cloudflare Status - Intermittent API failures for Cloudflare Pages, Workers and Images
Terribly sorry for this to happen.

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