All of my apps are gone!



This is devastating!

All the apps are now disappeared from the site!

This is installed apps:

This is apps working in the CF panel:

And this is the site, no apps:


Hi there - Give me minute while I do some investigation. Stay tuned!


Thanks. Any update on this? :neutral_face:


HI again - sorry for the delays. They were doing a lot of debugging last night. First off, thanks for reporting this. It was a very unusual bug and we are glad to have a chance to squash it.

It appears that whichever editor you are using to make changes to your site is adding some unwanted code that is causing syntax errors. Can you confirm if that is the case?

Also, they are still working on a fix…but in the meantime you can probably eliminate the behavior by using a different editor.


Hi. Thanks for the reply.

My site is a self-hosted WordPress and actually has been for over a year now.

I didn’t change anything and WordPress’s last update was a week ago I guess.

Could it be because of the Cache Everything page rule? Although never was a problem before.

Any info needed plasese let me know.


Do you compose within WP or elsewhere? If elsewhere, is it a notepad or other app?


Within WP.


I’m starting to feel worried a little! Anything I can do to speed up the process?


Hey @shahab.siavash - I am one of the engineers who build Cloudflare Apps and I’m really grateful that you brought this to our attention. I think I can share some technical details on the issue that can help you resolve it while we work on a longer term solution on our side.

Your website origin server recently started adding something called a byte order mark (BOM) to most WP pages.

BOM is an outdated method of telling apart different ways to encode text, which is to convert from ones and zeroes to letters and numbers you can read. It is often harmless and ignored by modern browsers, however it can sometimes cause issues when a piece of software doesn’t recognize it. It looks like all but the WP-admin page have this included in the beginning of the HTML document, which is why Apps is not loading on your site.

You can read about BOM and potential problems it can cause here:

I suspect that one of your php files included in most of your site contains a BOM, which is why it is present on most of your site. If you scroll down to the “Potential issues with the UTF-8 BOM” section of the page I linked above, you can see the issue I think you’re having here is listed first. I suggest you read the section on “removing the BOM” to attempt to solve this issue on your site.

In the meanwhile we already created an internal example site that demonstrates this issue and working on solving it. I do apologize that this issue has already happened in the first place and I hope I’m able to help you solve it.



Thanks for the detailed reply and you’re welcome about the report.

Actually I’m a graphic and type designer who do the admin part on my personal website. So I wouldn’t know how to remove BOM in a Wordpress site. But logically when it is occurring in all pages except the WP Admin, shouldn’t be something that either WP or a plugin update caused on front-end recently? Considering that there wasn’t a problem like this before and the other fact that I always use the WP editor.

Could we find out what is that PHP file?
Is this happening to all WP sites on Cloudflare?

I have listed the Plugins I have installed. You can see the version numbers in front of them. My Wordpress is also 4.8.2. There is no editor though.

Thanks for the support.


I am happy to help but unfortunately I am not entirely familiar with WordPress or your setup in particular.

Sounds like it could also be a plugin or a theme you’ve recently installed. I doubt this change came with a WordPress update (you would not be the only person having this issue). I’d disable caching by Cloudflare if you have it enabled and try disabling plugins you’ve installed or updated recently to see what happens.

Hope we can solve this soon.


Hello. I’m familiar with Wordpress a bit, but as has been stated, every site is unique due to plugins. However I will try and assist as best I can. My initial feeling is that this is a plugin update issue, but that is really just my best guess right now. Thanks for providing that screenshot of your plugins. Do you know which have been updated recently?

This is the best first step. Since this issue is related to Cloudflare apps, you don’t want to disable Cloudflare completely, because then you will have no way of troubleshooting what is affecting the app(s).

I would suggest the following general troubleshooting:

  1. Disable Cloudflare caching by enabling Development Mode on the Cache tab of the Cloudflare dashboard. Note Development Mode lasts 3 hours, but you can turn it back on if it expires.
  2. Turn on all the apps you were using.
  3. Log into wp-admin and disable all plugins.
  4. In a private/incognito browser tab, navigate to your site and get a baseline status of your apps. If the root cause is plugin-related, your apps should function as intended at this statge.
  5. Begin enabling plugins one-by-one, checking your site in a private tab each time (so there is no browser cache influence), and verify status of apps. Going one-by-one can be tedious but it’s the best method of isolating a root-cause. You may want to start by enabling plugins that haven’t been updated recently, and then keep going chronologically. Note that some plugins interact (sometimes negatively) with each other, so you may also try enabling plugins on an individual basis and/or in certain combinations.

I understand that step 5 is a tedious and time-consuming process, as I have had to perform it a few times. However, IF the root-cause of this issue lies with a Wordpress plugin, this is the best way of hunting it down.

I hope some if this is useful!


Hi again,

Thanks for the reply. And thank you too @andy for the reply.

I was going to do that. But some of my plugins like JetPack, Updraftplus,… has some settings and sets of configurations that once I disable them I have to do them again. For example all the widgets created by JetPack will be gone and the backup settings to Google Drive needs to be done again, Social icons widget too, wpDiscuz comment section customization,…

If it was just a disable/enable I would have done that already. It is only 12 plugins.

The other thing I remembered is I (we Persians) use the Persian version of WP. It is an update that is being developed by Persian community. If the BOM is related to encoding, it might as well has something to do with that.

But since you got it under control, I think I wait to see what the final solution will be.

Great day and thanks,



I’m reporting that as of ~7 hours ago the apps are showing and working.

Do you confirm too?

Thanks for the time you put in on this issue,


Yep. The issue should now be resolved. Thanks very much for reporting it and for your patience. The Apps team is very appreciative :partyparrot:


You’re very welcome. Thanks for the fix. I love that emoji :grimacing: