All of a sudden, pages timing out or taking 70+ seconds to load

Hey guys!

So we have been using cloudflare for years with success, however over the last week or so, we have been experiencing extremely long load times that either time out or end up loading and will time out on the next link. You can see an example here:

We run a magento store which we haven’t experienced this issue with before. We haven’t included any recent new extensions that could have possibly caused something like this, however oddly enough – the backend of the website loads just fine instnatly, but loading any of the front end pages will experience the loading issue.

Can anyone make sense of this or have an idea what could be causing this extreme lag?


I am afraid that’s not Cloudflare related but something you need to clarify with your host as it is your server which takes that long to respond

$ time curl -I --resolve[SERVER-IP-HERE]

real    1m8.497s
user    0m0.268s
sys     0m0.095s

Most likely there’s a timeout somewhere.


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