All of a sudden Cloudflare can't connect to my site. server load is 0

The cloudflare can not connect to my site anymore. The error displayed ranges from 520, 524,525
There is absolutely 0 load on the server ( ). Any possible reason, Why cloudlfare can not connect with my server ? There are less than 15 processes running in the server.

Ping also works.

Your web server is probably not working. Pause Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview screen) and fix whatever needs fixing and only once it works again unpause Cloudflare.

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is working

A list of processes is not proof that it is working.

Did you pause Cloudflare? What’s the domain? it shows up pending in WHM but in SSH it shows as running.

Ehm, you didn’t address my question.

Also, does the server IP address end in 136?

yes it ends in 136 , I did disable it then enabled again.

And did it work when it was paused?

the apache was showing as pending but the issue was php-fom service. restarting both resolved the issue.

Thank you for your help @sandro.

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