All my websites w/ CF throw 502/522


Hey! I have enabled CloudFlare for almost all of my websites, but I have a problem that started yesterday. I didn’t touch any configurations anywhere, everything stayed as it was for many months unchanged.

Some of my users (and me unfortunately) reported, that my websites don’t work for them. They see 502 or 522 CloudFlare error. For some of them, the websites work just fine. I’m really out of ideas. I contacted my hosting support ( twice and they report that everything is okay and websites work for them. But me and tens of other people (really different people, different locations, networks, ISPs etc.) report that websites doesn’t work.

Example websites are: or

I have some of my clients’ websites don’t working which is really really not nice.

Do you have any ideas what’s wrong?


First of all update your Wordpress from 4.8.2 to 4.8.3 (latest) to avoid SQL injection risk.

It seems your server/hosting is blocking one or more Cloudflare IPs via firewall/IPS etc.


I was contacting my hosting and they stated very clearly that they do not block anything related to CloudFlare


Problem solved. They restarted their firewall and everything works just fine