All my websites is hitting error 1016

Hi, does anyone having this issue? All of my domains is hitting error 1016

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Yes we are having the same issue. Started about 30 min ago, shortly after Cloudflare “fixed” another DNS issue they were having.

Perhaps someone at Cloudflare knows about this?

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It seems like the issue is still persisting. The “fix” is not working i guess.

Pls share the name of the site affected, and when you click on 1016, what quick fix steps have you taken?

We were having this problem with our sites that are hosted on Cloudways.

Something has happened to their dns and the wordpress-xxxxcloudwaysappscom
does not seem to be resolving. All their records seem to have gone.

Change your to a direct IP for WWW or * A records

I am having the same issue as OP - while awaiting their reply, my website is autolaborexperts .com. We have confirmed the A record looks good and nothing has changed with regards to CNAME record. This issue started this morning within minutes of your DNS incident fix.

What is the domain?

It appears it was an issue with Cloudways, it has now been resolved for me. Those with the same issue may want to check their own sites as well.

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And let us know

So that we can test & replicate

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