All my sites very slow


I do not know what is happening but since yesterday all my pages are very slow, if I remove cloudfare it goes normal. I have not touched anything, it was suddenly. If I remove SSL it loads my page without certificate. Let’s encrypt certified spending that is valid. I do not know what it is. now, for example, the webs were responding again, but slowly.


Hard to tell without a proper diagnosis, a wild guess is that your host is throttling Cloudflare connections.

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If I disable SSL / TLS it does load my site. If I remove cloudfare it loads normal with HTTPS. I don’t know if it’s related to the certificates. I use let’s encrypte. The truth is, I’m lost, I don’t know what it can be.

I have web pages that do not have http, all those are normal. only https go bad.

You shouldn’t use lets encrypt with Cloudflare, it will be problematic, especially in the long run. Use the certificates that Cloudflare provides you with to make a FULL STRICT setup.

If disabling SSL works, then the issue might be some sort of redirect loop that attempts to redirect from http to https endlessly.

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