All my sites are showing 522


As of an hour ago all my sites are down showing 522. No changes have been made on my machines and I can ping / access ssh just fine


Cloudflare updated my ticket and informed me that they are getting lots of 522 error tickets.


Can you post what your website host is? knowing your website host would help us narrow down the issue.


are your website hosted by OVH?


Yes all of our websites are OVH dedi servers


I have OVH servers as well and I’m having cloudflare issues right now too.


that’s why, looks to be OVH problem, apparently they blocked some cloudflare IP, but not sure.
Bypass your dns


same here OVH france Dedicated server. 522


Update- 3 domains are working now. Ticket was updated saying they are working on the issue.


Same issue here. 522 on all sites. Hosting in linode.


I’m receiving 522 errors on some sites using Flywheel hosting, so i don’t think it’s just an OVH issue.


Some of my customers can reach our OVH servers but most can’t. It seems to be down for only specific cloudflare networks. I believe this is a cloudflare issue.


We are seeing the same thing with our site hosted on dedicated OVH servers… to make it more interesting is that we can access it via the Atlanta CF datacenter, but seen reports of it not working via the Richmond datacenter.


Chances are OVH updated their DDOS protection, Cloudflare updated their proxy, or a combination of both. I imagine CF is in direct contact with OVH and is working to resolve the issue.


Having same issue on my OVH servers, however they seems to be accesible from certain areas, customers from US and EU dont seem to complain while asians do get 522.


ME too.


same here, dedicated ovh servers, 522


The team is aware of this issue and investigating. Suspect it is not limited to OVH and will verify.


@zack2 what are you using for monitoring? just curious…


Same. hosted on OVH. Our sites are not accessible (got 522) from SE Asia and Los Angeles, while users from other locations (mainly Europe and N/S America) are not affected.

OK, some of the sites are back to normal after I first submitted the post.