All my sites are showing 522 (OVH server)

As of an hour ago all my sites are down showing 522.

No changes have been made on my machines and I can ping / access ssh just fine

If I disable cloudflare, then everything is ok again.

Same here, in lightsail. No words from CloudFlare!

Hi @chief725, @mosarrof121.

Normally those issues are due to the origin servers rate limiting Cloudflare’s IPs. Have you added them to an allowlist?

edit also, there was this: Increase in HTTP 522 errors impacting multiple regions

after one hour, all sites are normal again.

Then it was the upstream connectivity provider issues.

really tired of these frequent issue keeping down my site so frequently.

This also impacted all of my sites, based in UK (not just APAC as mentioned)

No, I asked my website provider, they said the server did not make any restrictions.
Actually, it happened once on August 31st, I have also received your email as follows:

Today, starting at approximately 10:03 UTC, a misconfiguration at a major external network provider caused connectivity disruptions across the Internet. These disruptions impacted the operations of many service providers, including Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s systems routed around the problem, however, some Internet properties that use Cloudflare saw increased error rates during the impact period despite our mitigations. 

During this period we saw traffic drop by about 3.5% across our network as well as an increase in HTTP errors which may have presented as 522 (Connection Timeout) status codes. 

We have posted an initial detailed analysis of this incident written by our CEO on the Cloudflare blog. Presently, we are no longer seeing additional impact at Cloudflare from these transit provider issues. 

We understand how disruptive these events can be, and we will continue to provide the latest updates for issues impacting Cloudflare's network on 

The Cloudflare Team 

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