All my Newsletter emails are going to spam


I am using wpmail() protocol to send out Emails using a newsletter plugin. I have setup a Cron Job using hosting’s control panel to send out 100 emails every hour to all users. I am certain emails are being sent, because I have received the emails on all of my 3 test email addresses. I have put 3 of me and my friends email addresses (gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.)

However, I have noticed that all the emails are going to spam.

Did some research and read in a post that the mails should come from the same IP address as that of the domain or something like that.
DNS at hosting has different email address from that of website IP address.

My question is,
What happens if I enable mail and mailbox in Cloudflare DNS to orange, which are currently set to grey (disabled).
Does if affect my emails.
Does this solve the spam problem?

Or should I stick to emails services like mailchimp?

Also, www.mailboxes is enabled (orange).


Basically: yes. You’d need a record for your mail service that is not behind cloudflare (:grey: clouded.
Addtionally requst your host to set up an according PTR Record for your IP address.

Yes. You will no longer be able to receive mails since cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP and Co.

No. Cloudflare doesn’t provide outbound connections.


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