All my domains through Cloudflare suddenly have issues

Problem description: I have multiple websites pointing through Cloudflare for DNS and all of the ones that I do suddenly have began giving 404 errors. I spoke with my host provider and it seems to them that my DNS is not populating for any of them suddenly. I need some assistance in getting this resolved. I have attempted to switch them to development mode and removed the proxy on everything on one of the domains to test whether that would resolve the problem, but the issue remains. I would much rather resolve the issue on Cloudflare than to move all of my DNS to my website host. Any guidance to resolve this would be a tremendous help. It does appear that this is a Cloudflare issue as it stands right now.

Example domains showing the issue: panekexcavating[dot]com

Domain hosted on same server but DNS is hosted by web host: buytennesseerealestate[dot]com

Problem frequency: always

Steps to reproduce problem** : none

Actual results: redirects every page to a 404 page

Expected results: load website properly

Additional info: This began occurring as of yesterday from what I can tell, but I was not made aware of the issue until today. I believe that my sites are flowing through the Montgomery, AL, United States - (MGM) Cloudflare servers which are being rerouted right now. Could this be the cause?

the first site at least is simply using Cloudflare for DNS :grey: so the 404 is being returned directly from the origin. If the IP address is not pointing to the right host you’ll want to address that. But the error is being returned from the origin and isn’t related to Cloudflare.

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I found the issue. Disregard this ticket entirely. Thank you anyway.

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