All my domains marked as pishing

Hey guys, my account is suspended by mistake, i was hosting a friend’s website and the problem is the domain name contain a trade mark, after that my account got suspended and i understand this, but what i can’t understand why cloudflare marks all my domain as pishing ??? i didn’t do anything wrong and i work with cloudflare for a long time!

i expect some one to answer me and help me to get back working with cloudflare

I’m afraid that doesn’t sound like a mistake. Trust & Safety probably found you in violation of Terms of Service 2.7, so they exercised Section 8, which applies to your entire account.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the Community can do to help resolve this. Only Trust & Safety (abuse AT cloudflare DOT com), as most likely stated in the email you received, can follow up.


Yes i know that after i get suspended. But the problem is after i removed the domain they still blocking my account and they said that my account suspended permanent.
Could you please provide me the number of support team ?? I didn’t know anything about trade marks before.

There’s no phone number. Just the email address I posted, and probably repeated in the email message you received.

they didn’t answer yet, so bad that they marked all my domains as pishing because of one only domain that contain a trademark :frowning: