All MX records suddenly missing

This has happened twice now in recent years. I manage a client’s website and domain. They complained their emails have stopped working. Can’t send or receive. I check their DNS in Cloudflare and there’s now nothing but the standard A record for www and FTP sub domain. There’s no MX records at all! This was working fine so its only just disappeared but how!? nobody else has access to my cloudflare account.

Anyone at cloudflare know about this bug? Or what the ■■■■ might be going on?

Check the Audit Log at the top of

You should see the DNS modification event. It’s either a user login (which you say is unlikely), or an API call (in which case you should reset your API Key/Token).

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Nothing in the audit log showing deletion of any DNS records.

They were definitely in there as the client wouldn’t have received any emails, which they have done successfully for years up until a few days ago.

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