All logs have flatlined after server upgrade

My webhost asked me to upgrade to a more advanced server, so I did. It required updating some DNS records, which their system did automatically at Cloudflare after I supplied my login credentials. Since then, all my logs in Cloudflare have flatlined - visitors/traffic, caching, requests, data served, etc.

At the same time, my web site is working fine. I went to the DNS records page and enabled ‘proxied’ on most of the ‘A’ type records in case that was the cause, but enabling that has only made a small difference. How can I find out what my DNS settings should be? And what do I need to do for my web site activity to show up again in the logs?

It sounds like you do not have Cloudflare’s proxy enabled anymore for the hostname that’s receiving the most traffic. May want to double-check if you missed enabling the proxy for one of your new/updated DNS records.


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