All incoming visit get recognize as HTTP DDos and get block

i keep getting a ddos attack from 1 ip, then i block his visit permission.
After that i keep getting ERROR 521 and a small note on top of my site.
The cloudflare auto block all incoming visit and recognize as ‘HTTP DDos’, how can i fix it. I can only visit the server but cant visit the domain.

How did you block that person?

I’m thinking he blocked Cloudflare IP by mistake :sweat_smile:

As it’s a single IP address, that’s not much of a DDoS, and I suspect your hunch is correct.

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When using Cloudflare all your requests should appear as coming from Cloudflare on these IP addresses IP Ranges | Cloudflare

You should not block these IP addresses. In face, for even more security you should only allow from these IP addresses.

If you want to see the actual IP used by visitors, read this page Restoring original visitor IPs – Cloudflare Help Center.

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