All facebook thumbnail image disappear after using Cloudflare

Hi, I realized that all my thumbnail image on my old facebook posts have disappeared. I just published a new post now on my site. When I share it on facebook, the thumbnail image is also blank. The same happen when I try to post my website on Twitter. Please see the error message I got from Facebook attached here. I have checked the image size is correct. The image link is correct and accessible. I have clear cache on Facebook and debug. But nothing helped. I tried many different images but none worked (even those worked in the past, now doesn’t work any more). Since this happen to both facebook and twitter, I think the problem comes from my website. I used Yoast SEO in my website and I have also set the thumbnail image there already. Besides, I have also set up the same feature image on the post.

I can only think of this may be an issue with Cloudflare. Because I install Cloudflare some days ago. Otherwise, there is no change in my website. I clear the cache in Cloudflare as well. Still do not work. Can you please kind help to advise on this issue? I would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

My website:


Hi @bloggers,

Can you confirm if you have

enabled under image on your site as this may be blocking the requests for the images

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Thank you so much for your support!! I deactiviate hotlink and now everything is working again! Really appreciate your help!!!

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