All DNS queries routed through far away datacenter

Recently, all of my DNS quires are routed through CDG rather than DUB. I live in Ireland. There are several datacenters closer to me. DUB, ORK, LHR, etc. My DNS performance has got notably worse.


It could just be an ISP issue. I know it’s quite late where you are, but @michael usually keeps an eye on such things.

Who’s your ISP?

My ISP is Virgin Media Ireland

This could help:

Traceroute logs:
1 ( 3.087 ms 3.262 ms 3.178 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 12.873 ms 16.997 ms 13.052 ms
4 ( 65.980 ms 13.571 ms 21.618 ms
5 ( 21.460 ms 14.441 ms 12.625 ms
6 ( 19.456 ms 12.392 ms 13.171 ms
7 ( 30.953 ms 30.697 ms 28.135 ms
8 ( 50.716 ms 40.141 ms 31.543 ms
9 ( 31.816 ms 34.630 ms 34.121 ms

This is likely because the DUB PoP is currently re-routed, likely down for maintenance or something


They don’t peer with Cloudflare in Dublin, and you will see all such traffic going to Paris and Amsterdam (usually).


Is there a reason that queries were previously routed through Dublin? Or was that just a coincidence.

If you go to Cloudflare are peered at Dublin and Cork with Virgin Media Ireland.
Would this make a difference or is it up to how my ISP routes my traffic.

I don’t think you have ever seen traffic from Virgin Media Ireland using Cloudflares Dublin POP. They don’t peer at INEX and the last time I checked there was nobody in VMI willing or able to change that.

Virgin are not present at INEX Cork.

On the Peering Matrix page, filter by Bilateral Peering, and select 6830 on the horizontal grid. VM peer with almost nobody. VM have a 10Gb connection on both INEX LANs in Dublin. For an ISP of their size that is way too small. They have being actively de-peering for a few years. They consider themselves a tier one Transit provider, and don’t realise they are actually an eyeball network.

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I have seen most of my traffic go through DUB. Enterprise grade Cloudflare sites serve their cache through DUB for me. Free sites do not for some reason. Virgin media are definitely peered at INEX.

Update: After reading the last part of your comment I now understand what you mean. I am honestly not surprised they have always had sub par routing for most providers with any cast networks like AWS, Fastly, Akami, ect

They are members of INEX, but don’t exchange traffic with most other members, as the Peering Matrix shows.

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Can you share the output from:

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 14_6 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/14.1.1 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1

Ideally an example that backed up the claim that Cloudflare enterprise customers were routed via Dublin for Virgin Media Ireland users.

Normally they are. Still London is a lot closer then Paris

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