All day with error 522 on all my sites

All my sites configured with cloudflare are down. And then I get error 522.

My location is in Brazil, and my provider is Hostinger. During a long conversation with the support they assured me that the problem is with Cloudflare Brasil that is blocking the ips.

I already sent them the list of cloudflare ips to do the whitelist check.

They assured me that there is no blocking by the server, and that the problem is on the cloudflare side.

How can I come up with a solution? My clients are mad at me. (please I’ve read all the links and all the documentation, posting control c from the support link won’t help me at all)

Good plan.

I’m not clear on what this means. Are they saying Cloudflare is blocking Cloudflare from connecting to your server?

Thanks for your response! The support girl told me exactly that:

“I understand you perfectly, but several users using Cloudflare are experiencing error 522. So the alternative is to point to our nameevers and it will work after propagation. As you can see, it works on my side because I’m using another location
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Then they investigate what’s causing the 522 error on their side, you know?”

Também sou BR mano, mesma coisa aqui, vários sites travados por causa do cloudflare

Securi has implemented a new network with new servers and IP addresses. You have to make sure 100% you are not using Securi WordPress Plugin, and second, GoDaddy “Web Security” uses Securi on your domains for daily scanning and malware removal. Cloudflare sees these addresses as DDOS or other threats. I excluded them with a rule, and it semi-worked. When I removed Securi altogether, it worked fine again.

I don’t know what other Hosting companies use Securi, but it is worth checking on; it was my solution to 9 sites going into 52X errors around the time of the WordPress 5.8 update for no apparent reason. I did everything including wiping out WordPress sites and trying fresh installs with no plugins at Cloudflare. Used different backup restore points, tries different Cloudfare Security and Caching combinations, etc. GoDaddy said it’s Cloudflare’s problem and vice versa.

In the end, I wasted 2 weeks doing nonsense troubleshooting, broke most of my sites, lost so much uptime, Adsense kicked me, and became frustrated as h*ll.

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