All CF hosted websites return 403

All requests from a cloud provider’s IP to ALL CF hosted websites get a challenge response:

managed_challenge , because of “ruleId”: “badscore”
(Taken from the Dashboard / Security / Firewall Events from a domain i control)

The blocked server is making programmatic HTTP calls and isn’t prepared to solve challenges from the terminal/console.

. I have checked multiple IP reputation blacklists, including the honeypot project and i cannot see my IP listed anywhere.

I am therefore clueless why this happens and i suspect the ‘Cloudflare Bot Management issue’ issue from 30.08.2022 isn’t really resolved.

I was hoping i can get advice why is my IP being blocked since i cannot see it listed in any blacklist and is it possible, that the resolved issue i mentioned isn’t really resolved ?

Just a quick one browser or you having a headless service blocked?

I think the bot fight mode is a bit out of whack, they had a incident resolved but many still complaining

Thank you for your response.

I am actually having issues with websites that i do not own, but are hosted on CF, so it’s not about a service i own.

However, the issue is with me and the restriction is appropriate.

One last question if i may - The reason for the restriction is definetly that my server was compromised.
Luckily it was easy to resolve the issue, but i wounder how long it may take for CF to lift the otherwise appropriate restriction ?

Are we talking about hours, days, more ?

Updating for anyone facing similar issues.

It took a few days after resolving the issue on our end, but eventually the restriction from CF side was lifted as well.

So the issue is resolved?

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