All blaming each other, i'm stuck

Someone please help me… we/my son owns two domains, got first domain from godaddy 3 yrs ago no probs, use google workspace for the email on that one no probs… 11 months ago he changed business name then bought second domain name to match the new business name that and then added that second business/domain name to first/main acc on google workspace. So original was running on google workspace, no issues at all since inception.
we were told by google workspace that it was easier to just add the second domain/email to the first main one
so we did. we bought the second domain at webcentral. we added the correct dns records for the second domain/email and thought all was good. then a few days into doing so we began to realise that ‘some’ of the treemotion emails were not being sent or received… and began to get error messages. i can’t add pics of the messages here but suffice to say that this is an ongoing weekly issue. I go back and forth with google techs during which at no time do they tell me exactly what the issue is causing the emails to not send or receive. we have been through everything from adding/removing dns records inside webcentral… but literally nothing has changed! and to make it more frustrating its not an everyday event… we will recieve/send emails back and forth to clients/others fine for a week or so then all of a sudden we begin to get the error ‘cannot send’ messages again so back i go to google who only last week after 11 months of this shite…say to me, oh its not our fault its ‘Cloudflare’ dns settings at fault.
HUH??? Cloudflare, we were never told by google or webcentral to add or remove dns settings/records to do with ‘Cloudflare’… i checked our dns settings/records inside webcentral and NO Cloudflare records are there…ever! We have all the correct amount of mx and txt records along with others on webcentral for google email etc but we werent told to ‘alter or add’ any by google until two weeks ago yet they have had 11 months to tell us…and when i ? doing so initially they told me the dns records were already correct and in place for them. i didnt have to add or alter any records for our original acc in google mail etc but just now told to do so for the second sub domain in google workspace.
We have not ever had any domains bought or any dealings with Cloudflare. so im told by webcentral to create a basic account with Cloudflare i do so and nope, no domain records or recognition of any kind. i run dns checks and can see errors coming up yet no one can tell me why or how to fix it. Ive followed the instructions within Cloudflare to ‘add’ their dns record to our domain at webcentral and as soon as i did that we cannot send or receive ANY emails now at all. so today ive removed that Cloudflare dns record!! Now im back to square one…seriously ill pay someone to fix this for me Im ready to explode!!! i was going to remove the second/sub domain from our main domain on google workspace and give it its own google workspace but why should i have to have two separate accounts why is it so hard to fix!!
omg im so over this issue but must fix it so now what to do ?? i cant get any sense from webcentral who today told me on the phone that if ‘Ham’ who emailed me back yesterday ‘has any relevant info on this issue’ then he will get back to me… seriously? when I asked the guy today on the phone why ive been told its ‘Cloudflare’ issue he wouldnt even answer me…i said ‘hello am I talking to fresh air’ he ignored the ? three times and then said ohhh ive left a note for Ham to let you know if he finds anything more to tell you… i suggest you call Cloudflare… :frowning: dear God shoot me now!! Help…

:point_up: did you buy that from a domain registrar or from someone that used to own it?

If the treemotion domain is not in your account that means it’s probably in a different cf account. To get it to your account or at least out of the other so that you can control it, ask the registrar to either change the namerservers to the two in the account you are using here or back to their default if you do not want to use cloudflare.

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I bought the domain directly from netregistry and there was an issue with it right from the start saying it habeen sitting unused and had to get netregistry last July to transfer it over to us as the new owners but nothing was ever mentioned about Cloudflare. It seems if I’m correct in my assumption now that the previous owners had the connection to cloudlflare and the records within cloudflarenhavent been changed - when netregistry sold the domain name over to us we weren’t told about any possible dns setting issues etc so never knew.
Then webcentral and google didn’t mention cloudflarenat all until a week or so ago
I’ll email cliudflarenand get them to check the settings for the domain but I don’t know the previous owners details hopefully Cloudflare can sort this because there isn’t anything I can do myself as Cloudflare first recognise the domain when I do the checks myself here. :worried:

Thanks for the reply and advice… That’s what I did in the first instance when I registered the domain 14 months ago… I emailed netregistry saying there were issues with registration and then I had an email back from netregistry saying it had been removed from all other previous owners/accounts but they didn’t tell me about Cloudflare or any other previous settings…so that makes sense to me now.
ive now sent a request to Cloudflare tech to check the settings on the domain name and if there are any still there to remove them immediately hopefully ill get a reply asap. I kept saying to google techs that i should not have had to alter any other dns records its hard to imagine that its taken 14 months to get to this point…:frowning: clearly its been a Cloudflare dns settings issue all along. Im hoping now it will be resolved once and for all. Im not sure if i have to now reset all the original records inside webcentral where ive added the google mx records etc ive never had to go through this before in 20 yrs ive not ever had this issue.

Ive reset the domains dns back to what it was originally… the netregistry name servers are already there…three of them that hasnt changed. Now by resetting everything back to default there the other extra settings are all gone. But Im not sure how this will fix it because none of this was altered until only a few weeks ago yet the problem sending and receiving the emails via google workspace for the domain names email was happening long before i added any record changes. ?? so how is restoring the default settings going to fix it. …does that make sense?

Phew…okay silly me I wasnt thinking… yes ive now changed the ns back to netregistry!! its removed the Cloudflare ones! Thank you guys so much for assisting me…I think I was seriously losing the plot over it all. I cannot believe its taken me this long to find out what the issue was. I feel like a goose but Im very grateful for the help on it. Im assuming though now the dns records are back to default as well (still have all the correct google mx records etc) hopefully that will be right now as other records were added that didnt need to be so hopefully this will be the last of this issue. thanks again!


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