All API Requests Have Suddenly Failed

Hello All,

Pushed my CF into dev mode to make a few changes on my website, and then I couldn’t turn it back on and within a few seconds, none of the API requests would work.

All my options are under lockdown.

Attaching screenshot.

Please help.


Mine is broken, too. I’m sure lights and sirens are active at HQ right now and they’re diligently working on fixing it.

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Does this have an affect on render blocking? I just ran a test through Googlebot and resources that don’t load have increased - I hope Google doesn’t categorize my website as not mobile friendly.

It looks like it’s working now.

@MeyerAlton, this only affects Cloudflare Dashboard type activities: Changing and reading settings, account information. Nothing that interferes with your website’s current performance.

Thanks - yep! It’s working again now.

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