All access blocked upon activation of cloudflare

Hi there, it’s been a few hours that Cloudflare (DNSs) is connected to my website. However, upon activation, all bot and phone/desktop access to my website are blocked and I can not use any online tools that require accessing website. The error is “server IP address could not be found - DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” and google says “net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED”.
What should I do?!

P.S: this domain previously was working fine with Cloudflare (a few weeks before). Today I did try to connect again and this happened. Plus, I tried to pause cloudflare and it didn’t do anything either!

  1. Post the domain name so we can check DNS
  2. Make sure you have DNS records for that hostname
  3. Make sure the Name Servers on that DNS page match the ones you have set for your domain
1 Like is my domain name.
I did not change anything from before about DNS. And I’m not that sophisticated about this stuff either, so I’ll need some step by step actions.
I see two tips by Cloudflare about adding a DNS record but I don’t know if I should create it inside Cloudflare’s panel or Cpanel (and I don’t know about the content of it too!):

You are missing those DNS records. You probably have one web server, so you need “A” records like the ones you already have.

Click that +Add Record button and add an “A” record for and that IP address. Add another “A” record for www with the same IP address.

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Thanks for Your help. I did add both of them and put the same IP address that are already there for other DNSs like you see for ‘en’ and ‘fa’ row.
And it is working for now.
I really appreciate it.

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Does this take time to take full effect?! On my mobile device I only can see my home page and all other pages redirect to The same for firefox. Also, search consoles live test cannot access website (page not fetched).

Normally, it should take five minutes. That’s what TTL tells DNS (how long to remember the IP address before looking it up again).

But some ISPs don’t follow TTL instructions and remember the old address longer.

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Hi there,
Well, about 12 hours is passed from my DNS record-setting, and in some devices, I see connection issues, my search console can’t fetch web pages, all sitemaps have errors (indicating empty sitemaps), and my emails on this server and domain can’t get fetched!
I can’t wait any longer than this and I’m afraid I’m going to turn Cloudflare off and set my DNS providers back to the way they were, hoping these issues will get fixed (unless there is something else to try)
Thanks for your support and kind help.

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