All A and AAAA recodrs deleted themself

Today at around 11:30UTC my domain started to not resolve. Now, when I logged into my cloudflare dashboard I saw that all my A and AAAA records were deleted.

Are you using Ezoic?


No, I don’t use Ezoic

Take a look at the audit log. It should tell you what happened and allow you to see the deleted records.


Check for any suspicious activity (such as a new login) in your Cloudflare account, if you notice anything you don’t recognize you should change your Cloudflare account password and enable 2FA (2-factor authentication)!

Thank you, I have never noticed that button. After taking a look at the logs I realized that a script I wrote a few days ago deleted the records and probably didn’t noticed till today because of DNS caching. Thank you to everyone who took time to help me.


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