All 10 Websites are down?


i have large enough server and i was using the past month with Cloudflare with the exact amount of traffic and it never went down so the server isn’t the problem

i MADE NEW CHANGES that MAY have caused the websites to go down and show 500 internal server error

right now i have these 10 domains all are pointing to the same server X (The Main) X X X X X X X X X

all of these domains have it’s own Cloudflare like space so here is the Config DNS for the main domain first

and here is how each domain is configured on Cloudflare

and here is how ALL of these domains including the main one is configured

and i also did this to my wordpress website like mapping so whenever someone is visiting the website from whatever domain he or she will have no redirection at all

so following this guide did this to my general setting in the main wordpress website

so as i said i’ve been using Cloudflare for the past month with no down time at all

so the only changes from the past month settings is :
1-The Domain mapping in the guide above
2-i was using Full (strict) on the SSL settings right now i’m using only Full
3- and off-course adding all of these domains the past month i was only using one domain for each site and each domain and site is hosted on a server of it’s own

everything else is pretty much the same even the traffic is the same

so please guys help me out and tell me what’s going on exactly and why my websites are ALL going down i’m so lost

waiting for your replies

If you set one of those sites’ DNS entry to :grey: (to bypass Cloudflare), does it still throw a 500 error? Just give it 5 minutes for that DNS change to propagate.

i don’t know i didn’t try yet

but how ? like on the where is all of the domains are setup ? or at each domain setup ?

cause as i said each domain is setup twice like on the where all of the 10 domains and also each domain has it’s own cloudflare setup but points to the same IP as

please explain more sir

Click on the :orange: and switch it to :grey:.

As I think about it, that DNS screen is supposed to be just one domain (ofporn). All additional domains need to be added separately from the main Cloudflare Dashboard screen.

All those other entries get prepended, so the first one is, just like the ‘www’ at the bottom is prepended to be

so i need to remove all additional domains from this page ?

and keep each domain separate but all points to the same server ip right ?

but in that case do i also need to make DNS only ?

Here is the changes i just made please confirm to me is it right or not ?

The travelporn one has unnecessary DNS entries. Anything ending in .xyz that doesn’t match the “DNS management for” at the top should be deleted.

The porncook image you posted looks correct. And it’s giving me a 200 (Success) result when I connect to it.

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