Aliexpress not working with

I had a lot of headhace trying to shop and lastly cancel an order on I had to repeatedly sign in, and the refound page didn’t work at all (some drop-down list in the form were empty and the buttons were not responsive). I changed browsers, systems, and at the end changing the dns worked: opendns allowed me to fille the form, but sending it gave a miterious network error. At the end It worked as expected with google dns.
I just want cloudflare to know that.

let me add:
win10 with firefox 75/firefox in safe mode/ms edge; linux mint 64 in a virtual box with firefox 64

Hi, sorry about that. If you could capture the domain name that’s not resolving in the web console that would be super helpful.

please explain step by step

If there are domains that are not resolving you should see it in the network inspector, see