Alicloud can not detect cloudflare domain name server



I have updated Alicloud domain DNS name server on cloudflare domain. Alicloud can not verify or update domain. when i ask alicloud support asked me to check with cloudflare support


Please kindly ref attached image


Sorry are you trying to move your domain away from using Cloudflare? If so then you should update your DNS to whatever your new DNS provider specifies for their nameservers with their registrar.

However if you are just trying to use Alicloud to host a server or a website… I don’t know enough about their infrastructure to know why they have you configuring DNS there, but it doesn’t seem like it should be required.


Thanks for response. No I’m not trying to move out domain away from Cloudflare.

I want to bind domain to Alicloud to use OSS and CDN service since domain website is hosted in Alicloud ECS Server.

When I try to bind domain to Alicloud DNS its asking to update Alicloud name server. So I add alicloud name server on cloudflare dns and alicloud can not detect their name server.

When i check with Alicloud support engineer asked me to check with cloudflare support as below message

Support Engineer : Dear customer,

We suggest you should contact cloudflare to confirm whether support our nameserver or not, thanks.

Cloudflare support Alicloud nameserver?




What your screenshots show is an attempt to delegate all answers/responses for your domain to another DNS provider. If it worked it would be the same as moving your DNS to Alicloud. You should be able to add the CNAME record needed for their CDN directly in Cloudflare.


Thank you.


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