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I’ve exhausted all my time for this part. How can I have my Alias be “HTTPS” SSL secure?

My original site is going to maindomain-com, now I have 3 more domains that should redirect there. The problem is before it redirects, it shows that the aliasdomain-com is not secure. How should I secure it the same as my maindomain-com is secure?

PageRules are the KeyWord.


at otherdomains configurate like this:

** ForwardURL (301|302) -->$2
** ForwardURL (301|302) -->$2

Note: you should still point the A-Record of the otherdomains to the origin server itself. Also create the www subdomain as a CNAME for @

302 = temporary redirect (first try with this, if it works make 301)
301 = permanent redirect (better for SEO but gets cached)

What does this make:

It will redirect to so befor you reach the Website you get redirected!

I did the configurations for the other domains PLUS I pointed the A-Record to the origin server. Works like charm! Thanks!

You are welcome!
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