Alias to different website

How would I create an alias for a 3rd party website (ex. Google sites, typeform, etc)? Id like to temporarily have my website just be a typeform, but Cloudflare seems to prevent a cname to a 3rd party website

No it doesn’t. Everything (with the exception of Pages and Workers) is a third-party site.

What is your domain and what is the record you need/want to set?


What we prevent are CNAMEs across Cloudflare accounts, which results in a 1014 error:

Otherwise, as @anon9246926 mentioned, there should be no block.


I’m not sure I understand @the’s suggestion. If I want to alias my cloudflare domain to, is this possible? If so, how?

An alias needs to be configured with the target server.

If you want to add your domain to a typedream site, you have to follow typedream’s instructions for adding a custom domain.


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