Alias domain with same Zone ID

Hi there,

I have two domains:

They both point to one server and one WordPress install. Based on the domain the user will be shown the language they like. I added both domains to CF and they both have a different zone.

Now my problem is a caching plug-in which does integrate well with CF (WP Rocket). The only problem i got now is that it only allows one Zone ID to be set. So if it flushes the cache its only doing this for one domain.

So my question is, is it possible to somehow add Domain A and Domain B to the same Zone ID. Or are there better ways to tackle this problem?

Thanks in advance!

This is a new challenge…

Sorry, each zone is fully independent from each other. And Cloudflare cache is stored by specific URLs.

This sounds kludgy, but what about installing a second caching plugin, such as WP Fastest Cache, and not have it cache pages or do optimizations, but add Cloudflare credentials for the other zone?

That could be a option but that indeed sounds kludgy.

Somehow it would be good to be able to add multiple domains to one zone ID.

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