Alias Domain to use for email addresses

Hi, All.
I need to set up an alias domain name so that I can abbreviate my long business name. I’d like to then use the alias for custom email addresses. E.g. instead of (extralargespotteddogs .com) I could abbreviate and have (xlsd .com) as an alias. And for emails: instead of (info@ extralargespotteddogs .com) I could have (info@ xlsd .com). (Ignore the spaces, I had to put them in so they didn’t turn into links).
Do I need to purchase the (xlsd .com) domain name first to be able to set it up as an alias?
Is it possible to set this up on the free account?
Any beginner guidance would be greatly appreciated as to how to do it, please :pray:


Also yes

Thank you, cloonan. I’m very much a learner in the world of rerouting emails.

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