Alias domain redirect

I mistakenly created a Cloudflare account for one of my alias domains.

Is it possible to create a Cloudflare account for a domain that points to another Cloudflare domain? If so, how would I handle the redirect?

(replace with the alias domain name)

First, you should create an A record, name pointing to and an IP like with the orange cloud :orange:
Then you should create the record again, but with www instead of (so www will also redirect)

Now, go to page runes and create a page rule like:



and the only rule being “Forwarding URL” -> 302 status -> to (the domain you want to forward to)

Thanks. Alias domain is working now.

I am having problem redirecting full URI.

For example, is configured to 301 redirect to

The page rule has going to

This only works for the root domain.

If I use it does not translate
to and instead just sends to the root

Adding * after redirect* breaks the forwarding.

On my old registrar there was a URL_Redirect setting under host records and this covered all redirect. All traffic sent to arrived at, including subdirectories.

Is there something similar available to redirect all traffic from one domain to another?

Here’s my setup:

This doesn’t solve my issue

If I use it does not translate
to and instead just sends to the root

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