Alias de dominio / domain alias

Tengo el dominio en CloudFlare y cambié los dns de los alias de dominio teleaire .org teleaire teleaire .ar y teleaire .tv pero no me funcionan

No sé como incorporar los alias de dominio y no he podido encontrar información para hacerlo ¿pueden ayudarme?

I have the domain in ClodFlare and I changed the dns of the domain aliases teleaire .org teleaire teleaire .ar and teleaire .tv but they don’t work for me

I don’t know how to enter domain aliases and I haven’t been able to find information to do it. Can you help me?

You cant enter aliases. You have to set up four other domains on Cloudflare separately.

Hi Sandro, thanks for your message. But I try this and when I apply the new domain don’t auto check nothing and I don’t know how configure the other domains

I dont know what you mean by auto check. Have you added all domains?

Hi Sandro, I can resolve the problem, I put “A” with www and and now work correctly. Before don’t work but now yes

But for example in when I add the new domain don’t automatically detected DNS then don’t work. This is my problem!

I am afraid I am not sure what the issue is.

All domains, except for point to Cloudflare. Some dont have DNS records however.

Ah, OK. If don’t have DNS they can resolve anyway. I try with and work good. Thank you for your help. Was very important for me!

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