Alias apex domain name to Cloudflare CDN

Is it possible to use an ALIAS record to point a root domain at Cloudflare DNS?
Could be aliased on Namecheap (for instance) to point to Cloudflare DNS?

Possibly with the CNAME setup, but if you don’t want to pay for the Business plan (the only plan that does CNAME setup) CF requires they be the authoritative DNS server for the domain to protect it.

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Says here that the CNAME setup is limited to subdomains. Thus wouldn’t work with a CNAME setup. So I was wondering if an ALIAS from my DNS provider would be a viable workaround?

I think an ALIAS would technically work for the root domain (just pointing it at the CNAME target), however, you might be right in that the CF dashboard might prevent you from creating a record at the root in this setup. Maybe someone here with such a setup can see if it works.