Alerts for IP Address

  1. Not sure why we have alerts at the top of our dns records?

An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.

An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach @ addresses.

  1. At bottom where cname is located the button to click is greyed out?

CNAME Flattening

Cloudflare will follow a CNAME to where it points and return that IP address instead of the CNAME record. By default, Cloudflare will only flatten the CNAME at the root of your domain, which is

Flatten CNAME at root (Greyed out)

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Because of the things mentioned in these alerts. Whats unclear about them?

Because that feature is not available on your plan.

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Seems like a couple of issues to address. The error you’re seeing is most likely caused by a wildcard entry. If you have a record on your DNS tab called *, check out this article ->

Beyond that, the certificate is issued but the page has some mixed content issues. If you search Mixed Content #CommunityTip on this site, you’ll find a community tip on fixing that error. Note the small shield and red x on the address bar, that indicates an issue with a css or javascript file and you’ll need to manually update your site to get around that.

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Unclear because we just Transferred from Bluehost and Do Not Understand Tech “OR” Cloudflare Language,


Except for the exposing bit, it is not Cloudflare specific, but regular DNS terms.

Anyhow, I believe #tutorials covers both warnings.

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Waay Too Techy for us. We just transferred into Cloudflare from Bluehost, guess we will have to wait for the 60 days to Transfer Back Out of Cloudflare!

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A good opportunity to learn :wink:

Not sure if this will be easier. The messages are pretty straightforward. One warns you that you dont have your incoming mail servers configured, the other about an IP addressed not proxied and hence publicly visible. That might be possibly the wildcard @cloonan mentioned.

Thanks Sandro

Hi @sandyncharlie sorry for the complexity.

Was the main reason for signing up for Cloudflare for our domain registry service? Regulations require the 60 day hold and we can’t work around that.

But, we’ve got a couple of months. Maybe we can get your site working before you move along? Here’s a path forward:

  • If you’re receiving email and have no need to change anything, ignore the message about your mail server and mx record.
  • Regarding the other error, I’d delete the wildcard record called * and the first error will go away
  • Once you’re set up with your new registrar, you will still need to address the mixed content errors. Those are unrelated to your Cloudflare configuration. Once you have published your site, you may not have those errors any longer in the final site. To view those errors or other errors, use Google Chrome, select the upper right 3 dot menu, select More tools, slide left to Developer tools, pick Console view. That will show the errors in red that are visible in the image above. F12 will give the same view.

Thanks Cloonan

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