Alerts for downtime of applications / servers - monitoring

Hello all!

I am just a personal / home user of cloudflared zero trust tunnel. Is there any way to have a notification if a local server goes down that runs from Cloudflare?

External ping monitors only see the same cloudflare zero trust screen so I don’t believe they can be used?

Many thanks

Sorry that wasn’t very clear, and I cannot edit it now. The server (application) is running locally with a cloudflared tunnel, I was wondering if Cloudflare had any alerting or monitoring systems as I couldn’t find it.

As I couldn’t edit previous posts I had to post again. I think I found the solution:

In the dashboard there is a Notifications area, under there you can create one for the Zero Trust tunnel for any status changes as required. It didn’t work in my brief testing just now but perhaps I tested too soon after a test notification was sent. I’ll report back if it doesn’t work.


How do you make notifications?

Thank you

Go to your Cloudflare dashboard (not the Zero Trust dashboard), select Notifications in the lower left corner