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Folks, tame your Akismet. I’ve been doing on-line fora since before there was an Internet (remember Compuserve?) As such, I appreciate the need to defend against bots & spam. But you need to make your Akismet house-broken.
When I tried post here something about vhosts and cloudflared, I was told that newbies can’t post more that 4 links. I am not a newbie on here. Try to post something about webservers and cloudflared without something that looks like “links.” A stupid bot will probably think that a posted config.yml alone has more than 4 “links.”
So after I neutered the post, and laboriously turned all “hostname: tun.blahblah.com “ into “hostname: tun(dot)blahblah(dot)com “ the post was accepted, but then I received as nastygram, saying that Akismet put the post up for review, and that it would be approved shortly.

A day later, it has not.

I have been a paid Cloudflare customer for longer than I can remember. Cloudflare has my name, address, credit card number, Ips of sundry servers across the globe. For crying out loud, the post, if approved, will come with my mugshot. So must I really endure this abuse?
I could understand if it came from an untrained Akismet in a blog created by a noob, but I expect much better from a Cloudflare.

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This is due to the holiday period and the fact that all moderation is done by staff who aren’t online right now. I’m sure it will be approved when they are back online, otherwise feel free to try posting again.

Cloudflare famously powers “more than 25 million websites” and “nearly 20% of the top 1000” and nobody mends the store over the holidays?

Even my corner store won’t close for the holiday season. I planned to use same holiday season to make my websites even faster using cloudflared. It looks like it won’t happen.

It probably can still happen if you post your issue again. The community is almost entirely run by one fantastic member of staff who, I would imagine, is taking a brief well-earned break.

There will be on-call staff to fix any major issues, but community moderation isn’t really one of them.


If the community of a company that dominates the global Internet is truly run by a solitary, overworked employee who definitely deserves his or her time off, then may I suggest up-staffing a bit?

Or put your programmers on making the spam-catcher a bit less stupid?

  • No spam catching for paid accounts who’s identities are well-known
  • Get rid of the “4 links” limit, which is utterly inappropriate in a context discussing Internet access.

If a company banks on the community answering most questions, then it should invest a little work in making the community platform run smoothly, and not subject an overworked, solitary staff member with useless work.


Some of your suggestions may be valid, but I’m afraid we don’t have any power to do any of this. We’re just volunteers who are happy to help with people’s issues.

Please feel free to post your cloudflared question again and hopefully someone here can help with it. If your new topic get flagged as spam, just reply here with your issue and I can split it to a new topic so someone can get back to you.


The post is titled “Apache virtual hosts and cloudflared.” I hope they let you find it.

I can’t get to it, because it is hidden, even from me. I don’t have a copy here. It was a carefully written post with examples, it took me a while to write, and even more time to neuter anything that might look like a link. I don’t want to do have to do the same one more time, just because the Cloudflare system fails.

Akismet will remove the posts from public view completely so we can’t access them, I’m afraid.

It will still be there, just awaiting moderator review.

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This post has been approved my a moderator and is visible at Apache virtual hosts and cloudflared.

I’ve also bumped it so it is at the top of the category with the new posts and it will hopefully get attention soon.

btw, you can always contact support by email… in case similar hiccups happen in the future.

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