Akismet has "temporarily" hidden my post?

I asked a question here 3 hours ago and was informed my post was temporarily hidden, but would be reviewed shortly. It’s been over three hours and my post is still not visible…

Why was my post hidden in the first place?

6 hours and counting…

Akismet catches spam. Perhaps your post wasn’t long enough, or had too many links in it?

This is just a free community forum so I wouldn’t expect it to be reviewed faster than premium support wait times, if at all.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it was some sort of spam bot–not sure what triggered it as my post didn’t include any links and was neither excessively long or short.

I’m not yet a CF customer and so I was directed to this forum for pre-sales questions. The same CF note that informed me my post had been blocked indicated my post would be “reviewed shortly”. Anyways, I see that somewhere between 6 hours and 19 hours my post was restored. Not exactly what I would consider “shortly” for an active business forum, but whatever.

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