Akamai Technologies IPs at my website with cloudflare?

My website has been having some strange downtown over the past week, it goes down for a few minutes from 2 to 11 minutes each time. I pinged my domain a couple times during the downtime and noticed the IP pinging to the domain is a IP belonging to Akamai Technologies. Is this normal with cloudflare? Does cloudflare use Akamai Technologies’ network? The big issue with this is that when a Akamai Technologies IP is used it is not whitelisted by my internal firewall so the site goes down because it cannot communicate with cloudflare. Can I get the IP ranges associated with Akamai Technologies if this is legitimate?

I have DNSSEC installed on the domain and validated in cloudflare as well. Is my domain still somehow being highjacked?

Here is one of the IPs I found pointed to my domain

It appears that IP is the default response when you’re using Level 3’s DNS, so that response is not coming from Cloudflare.

You could probably fix this by overriding your local DNS to point to (CF’s public DNS resolver) or (Google’s public DNS resolver)

Thank you for that, I set as the default dns on my nic and I removed Level 3. I’ll post back in a few days with an update.

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