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Hey Cloudflare !!
I’m getting higher ping from Akamai CDN after using DNS. This is a Akamai CDN domain (akm.feitsui.com) and i’m getting higher ping like 250-300ms and on Google DNS i can get my own ISP ip address and i get 2-5ms ping.

That’s due to how works. They don’t send your subnet to the upstream DNS, so those issues can occur… not really solvable though. You need to change DNS to fix it.

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But i want to use DNS for faster and better internet experience.

Then you have to have that issue… no other solutions. Maybe try opening a support ticket, but I doubt anything can be done.

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Sometimes i get the lower ping like 15-20ms from Oman and sometimes i get higher ping from other locations.

Akamai rely on the EDNS0 client subnet to be given to them by your DNS resolver. deliberately does not expose this data.

EDNS Client Subnet is a privacy centric resolver so it does not send any client IP information and does not send the EDNS Client Subnet Header to authoritative servers.

There is no solution to this as an end user, you need to give away some privacy to let Akamai and Google know more about you. If you own feitsui.com you can ask Akamai to use a different load balancing method to give users a better experience (I don’t know if they have a solution, its been a while since I used them in anger).

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Akamai rely on the EDNS0 client subnet to be given to them by your DNS resolver.

Instead of the end-client prefix supplied through EDNS client subnet, Akamai is seeing addresses/locations of the your “closest” Cloudflare datacenter… I’d expect something else is going wrong if you’re getting such a huge difference (though I’m no expert on IP routing or these CDNs).

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