.ai TLD with GroovePages

I’m using a platform groovepages. The process for pointing a domain name to their server requires a cloudflare account. It’s pretty much automatic with traditional TLD’s but I ran into an issue with .ai

Cloudflare is not recognizing .ai as a valid extension and says in the error, .ai is an allowable or acceptable TLD and so it’s not working.

I succesfully set up another domain with the extension being .video

Any insights?

Heres the steps I took:
In my registrar, assigned Cloudflare DNS’s, NS1 and NS2 that it gave me.
Created my site on Groovepages, chose to host on their platform (they don’t give you access to create zones, or cPanel)
Coudflare is supposed to forward via proxy, it sets up all A, AAAA, and CNAME records for me.

The .video works, the .ai doesn’t

Please help!

Recognising where?

If Cloudflare already gave you these nameservers for your domain, I’d assume you’d already have added the domain.

Post a screenshot of the error and the domain name.

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