AI Developer Workshop - November & December

Join us virtually Thursdays at 9:00AM PT / 5:00PM UTC for a live workshop designed for developers to build full-stack A.I. applications on Cloudflare! Register now.

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  • Embeddings, Models, and Vector Databases 101
    Get up-to-speed on the foundations of AI development, the types of applications you can build, and how to get started with Cloudflare’s developer platform.
  • Building applications with LLAMA and WorkersAI
    Let’s build and deploy live AI-powered customer support apps with the latest LLMs on Cloudflare step-by-step.
  • Building a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Application with Cloudflare Vectorize + WorkersAI
    Come build a RAG application that allows you to store information and query it using an LLM with Workers AI, Vectorize, D1, and Cloudflare Workers.
  • Optimizing existing AI Applications with Cloudflare
    Fine tune your models with R2, boost inference performance, and secure your apps with AI Gateway.
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