AhrefsBot blocking

Hi Team,

I observed that the most of the my webtrafffic is coming from AhrefsBot (which I read is a bad bot and needs to be block). How can I block it?


I have also same problem, did you solve it?

Hi Eshan,

AhrefsBot isn’t malicious in the sense of doing me harm, it is a commercial research bot that uses my data to make money for people who are not me. So, yes, I agree it should be blocked. The good news is it seems to obey robots.txt, so …
User-agent: AhrefsBot
Disallow: /

It could also be blocked using htaccess (the 7G firewall from Perishable Press blocks it along with many other bots and other threats), or using a Cloudflare firewall rule, but robots.txt is the easiest way. It may take a few days for the bot to obey the directive.

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